Sander Renström Berg Advokat is a Swedish law firm that specializes in private equity, mergers & acquisitions and alternative investments.

Private Equity
We regularly advise clients in establishments of Swedish and foreign private equity funds. We assist in the structuring of funds and during negotiations with investors. We also draft and negotiate relevant fund agreements, such as fund management arrangements.

Mergers and Acquisitions
We assist sellers, purchasers, and financial advisors within various businesses in the purchase or sale of shares or assets. Our services include conducting due diligence on behalf of both purchasers and sellers.

Alternative investments
We advise and represent institutional investors on investments in alternative assets, such as investments in Swedish and foreign private equity funds, real estate funds and in establishments of joint ventures for certain purposes.

Our services also include the following areas:

Dispute resolution

Commercial contracts

Corporate law

Qualified legal staffing

Innovation related law

Legal educations

About Sander Bergström Berg

Sander Bergström Berg is a Swedish law firm with extensive experience within our specialist areas. Our goal is to fulfill the legal and commercial requirements of our clients within, primarily, the areas of private equity, innovation and manufacturing industry. With a hands-on approach and a strong commitment to our clients’ businesses, we offer an experienced, specialized and cost-efficient alternative to traditional larger law firms.

Our ambition is to be the leading Swedish commercial law firm within our areas of expertise. We combine experience and knowledge from the traditional larger law firm, with the drive and commitment of an entrepreneur. Personal commitment, commercial usefulness and social responsibility are important values of our business.

We are Sander Renström Berg
We strive for a personal and professional approach, with strong commitment and involvement in our clients’ businesses.

Frida Sander f.d. Lundquist
Private Equity, Alternative Investments, M&A
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Johan Renström
Private Equity, M&A, Commercial Disputes, Alternative Investments
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Johan Berg
Private Equity, M&A, Commercial Disputes, Innovation
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Johanna Gunnarsson 
Private Equity, Alternative Investments, M&A
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Kristina Lemke
Private Equity, Alternative Investments, M&A
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